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    Workplace Culture Can Thrive From Home

    Wonderful, just as many businesses, have moved to working from home. Many changes we’ve implemented are similar to the processes businesses have been going through to enable this transition, and continue 'business as usual'. We’ve adopted...

    What’s Wonderful Leaders all about?

    To answer this question it’s sometimes easier to start with ‘why it doesn’t exist’. Well, firstly, Wonderful Leaders doesn’t exist to hook people in to sell programmes and packages and drive a sales funnel. I run the Wonderful Group and am busy enough with that so I’m not looking for more work. We also don’t exist to preach at people or shoot off lots of ideas and thoughts.

    Leadership is about change

    Because the leadership journey cannot be effectively learned and applied where training is in theory only. Even though it is important, leadership, however, needs to find practical application in solving problems and be applicable to the situation and circumstances you find yourself in.


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