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Next Cohort: Early 2024

This 6-month programme is a bespoke experience designed for senior leaders to carve out the time in a safe space to process live leadership challenges and grow in your leadership. After twelve cohort sessions, online tools and one-to-one coaching, you will understand how to grow in your leadership voice, communication style, decision-making and relational dynamics.

This programme is run as part of the The Wonderful Leadership Academy, partnering with Rachel Ivers, consultant with GiANT London.


GiANT tools and Guides are being used today in Fortune 500 companies, best in class brands, governments and SME’s the world over in 117 countries. 

12 group coaching sessions + online tools + one-to-one coaching each month are designed to unpack different aspects of your leadership to help you understand yourself better to enhance your key relationships and elevate influence.

You will come away from each session with concrete actions for growth and tools you can use in all spheres of influence. It’s not a set curriculum but a space to process leadership challenges with other Christian senior leaders and experienced coach and Business Psychologist.


Understand like never before who you truly are at your very best


What’s it like to be on the other side of your leadership


What are your communication tendencies that create synergy and conflict


How can you work more effectively with others


How does self-preservation get in the way of our influence


What is your first gear recharge strategy

The typical outcomes you will experience:

a team talking

01. Understand how you prefer to communicate, receive information and make decisions, so you can tailor your communication and leadership style to be more effective.

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02. Identify how you make decisions when you are performing at your absolute best and take away a framework to enhance your decision-making

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03. Become crystal clear on your tendencies – strengths that propel you as well as weaknesses that undermine you.

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04. Learn how you tend to cope with stress and what strategies may be most effective for you.

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05. Dive into tendencies as it relates to building trust with others and understand how to grow in all your relationships at work and beyond.

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06. Utilise objective tools and assessments to support and challenge growth.


Rachel Ivers

Rachel IversRachel coaches leaders to accelerate their influence, be more productive and more present in their relationships using the proven GiANT Life Intensive and Executive Team Performance Coaching.

Certified in Predictive Leadership Behaviours and The 5 Voices, she successfully unlocks the potential of leaders to transform communication and collaboration in their teams. Rachel coaches leaders to multiply common objective leadership language into the lives of those they lead. She is passionate about ensuring leadership development is measurable, scalable and moves away from long-term dependency on external consultants.

Dan Maudhub

Dan is a mentor and advisor to many of London’s tech incubators and is a regular keynote speaker on digital technology, innovation and business growth platforms.

He is the Founder & CEO of the Wonderful Group, a group of companies with a common mission to help change lives, businesses, and communities. He has been in business and Christian ministry for over 15 years and helping hundreds of leaders to understand their identity and potential in Christ, their Kingdom mandate and have equipped business leaders with the practical tools to scale their organisations.

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£475 per month for the 6-month programme*

* can be paid via invoice or BACS transfer