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Wonderful Leaders exists, to encourage and empower Christian leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders of all capacities, to pursue the purposes of god in their personal and organisational growth

Wonderful Leaders

Being an Christian entrepreneur, business leader or marketplace leader can be a lonely place.

There are countless business events and organisations out there aimed at helping leaders and business professionals, but we found that there is a specific need for the Christian voice of support in this arena. This is why Wonderful Leaders exists, to encourage and empower Christian leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders of all capacities, in their personal leadership and organisation growth in a Godly way.

Dan Maudhub

About the founder

Dan Maudhub

I’m the Founder & CEO of the Wonderful Group, a group of companies with a common mission to help change lives, businesses, and communities.

I’ve been in business and Christian ministry for over 15 years and helped hundreds of leaders to understand their identity and potential in Christ, their Kingdom mandate and have equipped business leaders with the practical tools to scale their organisations.


The Wonderful Group consists of Wonderful, our Digital Creative Agency helping companies to scale through fusing creativity and technology; our unique coworking and accelerator space in Kent (WonderHub), our leadership community (Wonderful Leaders), our seed investment fund (Wonderful Investors) and our not-for-profit organisation (Wonderful Foundation).


Wonderful is a Digital Agency, Founded by Dan in 2010. Engineering website applications & digital transformation solutions, and create content & campaigns delivering data-driven business growth.

Wonderful have helped global brands such as Pfizer, NHS, GE Healthcare, Hyundai & Tesco to transform their brand, marketing and sales.

Wonderful Foundation

The Wonderful Foundation is unique in its mission and reach. Working directly with community organisations and leaders, the Foundation can make a significant impact by directly empowering and supporting the people on the ground who make the difference. We don’t work through NGO’s or governments but directly with the change makers. Our funding, leadership development, seed funding for businesses and ongoing mentoring helps to not only relieve poverty, but also create employment and raise the standard of the communities we work with.


WonderHub is a business growth space, founded by Dan in 2019. Offering modern, comfortable and stylish co-working & dedicated office spaces, WonderHub was established as an ecosystem that allows and encourages community members to thrive. The in-house Growth Engine - Wonderful provide events to support local businesses, and help them go beyond ‘start-up’.