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A group of people meet around a tableTHE VISION

Our vision for the Business Accountability Groups (BAG) is to empower local churches with the resources, content and support to support entrepreneurs, business leaders and marketplace leaders in their church.

a view up the isle of a church during a meetingHOW WE SERVE THE LOCAL CHURCH

We partner with local churches to identify and equip entrepreneur or business leader in their church, who wants to run a BAG within the local church. We bring BAG leaders from across the country together online once a quarter for feedback, training, prayer and fellowship. This enables the local church BAG leaders to be part of a larger community of entrepreneurs and leaders, and to connect into other activities at Wonderful Leaders.

people meeting with notebooks on their lapsHOW DO BAGS WORK?

A BAG can be run for a defined period of time (for example over 6 sessions) or they can be ongoing, offering support and community to entrepreneurs and business leaders who can often be lonely in the midst of busy schedules. BAG Leaders will have access to support and training from Wonderful Leaders through specific training and feedback sessions and ongoing support over Slack.

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