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Wonderful Leaders exists, to encourage and empower Christian leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders

Wonderful Leaders Training Offering

The Wonderful Leaders team have extensive leadership and business experience, and have trained hundreds of leaders across the globe. Our passion is to empower leaders and their teams to grow in their personal leadership as well as empowering organisational growth.

Personal Leadership Development

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121 CEO & Leadership Coaching

Leadership can be a lonely place. Even when a leader has a strong team, they often don’t have the impartial external support and advice they need. We offer a tailored coaching programme for CEO’s or senior leaders of organisations, drawing on a wide range of coaches and experiences to deliver incredible support and growth.

Group Coaching or mentoring

Building and empowering your team is one of the most important tasks of a leader. However, doing this yourself can be limiting due to time and resource. We offer group coaching sessions, coming in as an external support to help bring the change or growth needed.

Organisational Development

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Wonderful Leaders is part of the Wonderful Group, which includes the agency Wonderful. Wonderful is a brand transformation agency that helps to transform brands through the fusion of creativity and technology. Wonderful is led by highly experienced leaders in technology, creativity and digital and offers a wide range of support for businesses and organisations that want to understand how to use the power of technology and digital to see organisational change.

Some of the workshops and programmes we offer include:

Transformation roadmapping

If your organisation knows they need to use technology and digital better but don’t know where to start, our roadmapping process will help you to analyse and understand your current technology & digital footprint, and identify the key opportunities to move forward. This will include a development of a project roadmap to move forward, looking at both short term and long term outcomes.

Brand strategy gap analysis workshop

We work with key stakeholders to analyse and understand the current brand proposition, positioning, activity and future aspirations and desired brand positioning. This leads to a piece of research where we undertake a competitor analysis and gap analysis; looking at where your future brand positioning could sit in the market, and what the gaps are in your current brand and marketing

Product blueprint workshop

If you’re thinking about developing a new technology product in your organisation In a single session, our blueprint workshop will equip you with the tools you need to identify your project requirements - backed up with strategic, technological and UX insight.

Digital marketing strategy development

Digital marketing and social media content has become an essential part of modern marketing, but with so many channels to understand and so many disciplines to master, it can be overwhelming for many organisations. We have years of experience and dozens of case studies in helping organisations to develop and deliver industry leading digital strategies. We offer half and full day workshops, helping organisations to analyse their current digital footprint and to develop a fresh growth strategy.

Innovation workshop

This workshop is for organisations who are looking at developing new products or innovation within the organisation, but need outside support. Our innovation and ideation workshop runs over one or two days, and provides an invaluable opportunity to break free from the patterns and behaviours that stifle creativity.

Training for Churches

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Dan has been an elder and pastor for many years alongside his business and leadership roles, and has in-depth knowledge of the challenges churches and church leaders face in helping to empower the entrepreneurs and marketplace leaders. Our passion is to empower and support the Church and church leaders to be able to support their leaders. We have a range of programmes, events and workshops to support churches and we are passionate about helping churches be the best they can.

10-10 Mastermind Group

This 10 part course is an in-depth and interactive mastermind group for business and marketplace leaders. Like an ‘Alpha course for business’ each session includes teaching on a specific leadership topic, with questions to explore, opportunities to discuss your own experience and a chance for group input and prayer. This mastermind group is incredibly valuable for churches to be able to disciple their marketplace leaders.


If you want to host a conference for business and marketplace leaders, but don’t have the resources or network to do so, we can serve you in this way. We can help with everything from the setup, marketing, speaker list, video & photography and much more.

Leadership training days

Dan and team will come in and conduct a half day or full day training day on a wide range of topics, which can be tailored to your people's needs

Leadership workshops

We run a wide range of workshops tailored to the needs of your church and leaders.