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What’s Wonderful Leaders all about?

To answer this question it’s sometimes easier to start with ‘why it doesn’t exist’. Well, firstly, Wonderful Leaders doesn’t exist to hook people in to sell programmes and packages and drive a sales funnel. I run the Wonderful Group and am busy enough with that so I’m not looking for more work. We also don’t exist to preach at people or shoot off lots of ideas and thoughts. I have been in business and church leadership for over 15 years and have worked with hundreds of leaders in both spheres. Through Wonderful, I work with CEO’s and leaders in helping them to shape and grow their business, either as companies looking to scale or traditional businesses looking to pivot or change. In ministry, I have had the huge privilege of working with leaders across the globe in helping them to shape their personal leadership and church leadership.

I’ve always had dual business and church leadership roles and this has given me a specific view into both spheres and Wonderful Leaders is purely about encouraging you and empowering you in your personal leadership and in your business activity. I 100% know the pressures Christian leaders face in trying to grow their business the right way, how to do things God’s way and how to fulfill the things in our hearts through business. I realise the misunderstanding and sometimes the frustration of being a Christian in business and not feeling ‘understood’ by people in the church. It’s not and never will be a criticism of these people, it’s just a gap in our realities. Being accountable to your homegroup leader who doesn’t understand the battle you’ve had in the boardroom that week can be hard. On one hand that’s one of the reasons why the Church is so good, it’s family and it’s meant to be awkward – families are awkward (well mine definitely are). On the other hand, having like-minded people is not so easy to find.

“…that’s one of the reasons why the Church is so good, it’s family and it’s meant to be awkward – families are awkward (well mine definitely are).”

So, that’s why we exist! To be a group of like-minded Christian entrepreneurs and leaders who want to connect, share insights, ask questions and journey together.

We are not here to replace your personal accountability or your pastor, we are a network of like-minded people. We are not here to discredit or disrespect anyone or any church, we are here to grow together and let God shine into our lives and businesses.

So, if this sounds good to you, then get involved in the closed Facebook group, share our content, contribute to the sessions and let’s have some fun!