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Without Leadership All Other Resources Are Ineffective

Production is concerned with land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship. Leadership is a major factor that makes everything work together seamlessly. Without leadership, all other resources are ineffective – CEO Institute

Leadership involves many areas and elements of business, but I have found that there a few areas that are especially critical today to ensure performance and efficiency. Sharpening these areas, and focusing on developing them, will contribute to higher performance.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a series of blogs that will give you critical and practical leadership insight that you can apply to your role, your business, and your life.

Below are a few of the top leadership areas I believe senior management and organisational leadership figures can focus on to see better results:

Team Alignment

There are many ways to achieve team alignment, but a simple approach guarantees clarity around organisational strategic direction and allows for the most efficient means of getting all team members on the same page.

The results are clearer communication, a focus on what’s most important, and alignment between daily activities and organisational values. With this comes an easier buy-into the organisation’s culture, greater accountability and a greater sense of responsibility and ownership of the organisational vision and mission.

Employee Engagement

Revisiting your engagement strategy is necessary if you are experiencing poor performance or underperformance. If you are getting negative feedback or have high staff turnover, then a good engagement strategy will give you the edge to increase your comfort and confidence in leading, and get the most out of your team, while having greater presence and impact as a leader.


Always a big one. How are you showing up as a leader? What are you commuting by showing up? Without being complicated, your communication as a leader gives you influence and presence. Being flexible to varying styles of communication gives you the opportunity to engage your staff for clearer focus and understanding, leading to better relationships.

Increasing Influence

Right on the heels of powerful communication is the increased capacity to be effective and get more done in your organisation by being more influential. Having this increased influence can result in reaching your goals, having more impact, getting more done, and overcoming frustration.

Strategic Planning

Today it is essential that a leader can lead their teams through a strategic planning exercise that the whole team buys into. It’s not just a case of having an acceptable strategic plan that the team gets behind, but that there are clear strategic actions to be implemented and championed, not discussed, shelved and forgotten.

Succession Planning

A strategic succession plan is vital to ensure you hire and retain key roles. This additionally makes your role more in line with planned, strategic issues, rather than fighting fires and immediate crises, because you have baked succession into your recruiting and development of top people.

In the next blog, we will look at a few more areas to give you as a leader greater effectiveness and efficiency in your role.