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The 10-10 Mastermind Group is an intensive 10-week closed group for Christian entrepreneurs and leaders to accelerate in their personal and organisational leadership

This unique programme is for 10 entrepreneurs and leaders who want to grow in their leadership in a closed group ‘peer to peer’ environment. The programme is designed to take you on a personal journey in both your personal and professional leadership, benefiting from input from both a coach and your peers.

How does the 10-10 Group work?

The 10 weeks consist of a weekly online session with prayer, in-depth input on a topic, practical application and personalised action points for the week. 

Over the 10 weeks, we will cover both personal leadership & organisational growth areas including: 

You will be sent a questionnaire to give us feedback on any other areas that may be relevant to you, which we can incorporate into the programme.

You will leave each session with clear, implementable actions for the week. This is an accountability-based programme meaning you will be feeding back to the group each week. Each week one leader will be in the ‘spotlight’ to present your current situation and challenges, with the group giving constructive input and feedback in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Who is the Mastermind Group for?

This programme is for entrepreneurs, business leaders and leaders in other environments such as Christian ministry and churches who want to focus on their personal leadership development and in growing their organisations. The principles and input will be made applicable to different leadership spheres and lead coach Dan Maudhub has active leadership roles in all of the above mentioned areas. 

Accelerator Sessions

We can run specific Accelerator Sessions alongside the programme to give further in-depth content and input on specific topics as required. 

121 Coaching

If you require further 121 coaching sessions, this can be discussed with lead coach Dan Maudhub during the programme. 

Register your interest

Spaces are limited so to register your interest for the 10-10 Mastermind Group, please fill in the form below, tell us a bit about yourself and your business, and we will be in touch. 



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