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Guest Interview with Matt Parfitt, CEO at Grace Enterprises

S3, Ep. 15

Dan is joined by Matt Parfitt, CEO of Grace Enterprises, who shares his surprise entrepreneurial story that took him from primary school teacher to serial entrepreneur. Hear the business journey that began with gardening and grew to cleaning, events and now biscuits. Be inspired by Matt’s incredible motivation behind starting each business and gather leadership advice from a leader of multiple businesses.

In this episode:


About Our Guest:

Matt is a seasoned entrepreneur, having given up his teaching career in 2007 to follow the call of being a ‘Godly employer’. He has a vision for seeing the church re-enter the world of business, creating opportunities and resources for the kingdom. Matt has now started 3 social enterprises: Radiant Cleaners, Jubilee Events and Half the Story, each a sustainable business providing real jobs for people who have multiple barriers to work, paying everyone the real Living Wage and providing holistic support. The bigger vision is to have 7 different social enterprises that create different jobs for different people, all sharing the same Godly values and culture. To connect with Matt or find out more about any of these businesses go to: https://linktr.ee/graceents

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