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Guest Interview With Shae Bynes, Founder, Kingdom Driven Leadership

S2, Ep. 4

In This Episode Of The Wonderful Leaders Podcast:

Shae Bynes, Co-Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, shares with us about her journey and call to Kingdom leadership ministry. Highlights include what it’s looked like over the last few years building from scratch, and her obedience leading to experiencing and approaching life according to the rhythms of God’s grace.

About Our Guest:

Shae Bynes is a passionate storyteller, mentor, and strategist who equips leaders to be catalysts for transformation in their spheres of influence. Known as “Chief Fire Igniter”, Shae co-founded the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur movement in 2012 and her most popular book Grace Over Grind: How Grace Will Take Your Business Where Grinding Can’t is shifting the way people live, work, and engage the world around them. Whether she is sharing on platforms publicly or consulting privately, you can expect Shae to deliver an abundance of truth with love, grace, and contagious joy. Shae lives in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area with her husband and three daughters.


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