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Guest Interview With Anthony Kennada, CMO Hopin

S1, Ep. 15

In This Episode Of The Wonderful Leaders Podcast:

Anthony Kennada shares insights on his rise and impact in the world of tech and marketing, and covers topics including diversity and inclusion, living out his faith in the workplace and leadership advice he would give his younger self.

About Our Guest:

Anthony Kennada is the CMO at Hopin, the leading virtual event and digital experience company. Previously, Anthony was the CMO at Front, and also the founding CMO of Gainsight where he is credited with creating the Customer Success category — a novel business imperative, profession and software category. Anthony published his marketing playbook at Gainsight with Wiley in 2019 in a book titledĀ Category Creation: How to Build a Brand that Customers, Employees, and Investors Will Love. He’s also worked at Box, LiveOffice and Symantec, and serves as an active investor, advisor, and board member to enterprise software startups around the globe.


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